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Aluminum Composite Panel (ACM) Company in Toronto

Alumshine is one of the leading companies providing aluminum composite panels or ACM panels in Toronto.
Aluminum composite panels (ACM/ACP) are versatile and modern cladding materials that are used in the contemporary exterior architecture.
Our MCM rain screen systems are available in various colors, textures, and finishes.

corrugated metal panel for roofing made from aluminum

ACM Panels for Modern Buildings

Aluminum composite panels are modern cladding solutions for both residential and commercial buildings. ACM panels are mostly used as the external cladding of office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, storefronts, and other commercial architectural projects.

ACM panels are becoming one of the most popular cladding solutions for residential projects and applications, such as renovations and garage and shed construction.

Some of the most common applications for aluminum composite panels include:

  • Facade cladding
  • Exterior wall cladding
  • Column wraps
  • Soffits
  • Facias
  • Canopies
  • Awnings
  • Sunshades
  • Louvers
acm panels for modern buildings
  • Interior wall cladding
  • Ceilings
  • Partitions
  • Dividers
  • Acoustical Panels
  • Signage
  • Branding elements
  • Retail Displays
Aluminum composite panel

ACM Panels for Modern Commercial Buildings in Toronto

Commercial buildings often require high durability and insulation materials to keep the interiors comfortable and provide perfect insulation.

An aluminum composite panel is the best choice for these types of buildings as it is extremely durable and provides significant insulation.

Additionally, ACM panels reduce noise, which makes them the best alternative to more traditional materials such as wood and brick. Moreover, ACP can maintain consistent interior temperature throughout the year, reducing energy costs.

Aluminum Composite Panels for Modern Residential Homes in Toronto

Aluminum composite material (ACM) provides a great solution for modern residential buildings. ACP is lightweight, durable, and has corrosion-resistant characteristics making it the ideal choice for modern homes.

With these modern aluminum cladding panels, architects can create a beautiful minimalistic look that has become popular over the past decade.

With aluminum composite panels, modern residential architecture has become more accessible while still maintaining strength, affordability, and longevity.

aluminum composite panels for residential buildings

Aluminum Composite Panel Production Process

Alumshine is an ACM panel manufacturer and supplier in Toronto, providing the highest quality aluminum cladding panels for residential and commercial projects. We make these modern metal claddings by bonding two layers of pre-panted aluminum sheets to a polyethylene (PE) core.

Our ACM panels are excellent modern materials for outdoor and indoor applications that require dimensional stability, low weight, and an elegant look.

We produce aluminum composite materials (ACM) by continuously bonding two thin layers of aluminum on both sides of a mineral-filled core. Before we bond the aluminum faces to the core, we pre-finish and coil-coat the faces in various colors and finishes.

acm panels production process

Our Aluminum Composite Panels Colors and Finishes

At Alumshine, we provide aluminum composite panels in different colors and finishes to help homeowners and business owners build whatever facade design they desire.
Our ACM panel finishes have a 10 to 30 years warranty, and our company always helps customers to find the perfect combination for their projects.

Solid Color ACM Panels

Solid painted colors are available on 4mm ACM panels, with many of the most popular choices stocked in various lengths and widths.
Our solid-color aluminum panels offer the most durable finish.

solid color aluminum composite panels

Metallic Finish ACP

Alumshine also offers ACM panels with metallic finishes. These aluminum composite materials are perfect for modern commercial facilities and businesses that need an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Additionally. our metallic series ACP materials increase the energy efficiency of a building as they reflect sunlight and insulate the building perfectly.

metal ACM panels

Stone and Wood Pattern Aluminum Composite Panels

Some homeowners and business owners don’t find the modern appearance of metal cladding and prefer a more conventional style or a combination of modern and classic architecture and want to install durable materials. Alumshine has the perfect solution.

With our wood and stone pattern finish aluminum composite panels, you can make your building resistant to different factors such as high wind loads, corrosion, rust, and more while creating the beautiful look of natural wood or stone.

wooden texture ACM panels

Advantages of ACM Panels

Alumshine provides ACM panels that offer a wide range of advantages, making them the ideal solution for building in Toronto. Here is the list of benefits that our aluminum composite panels deliver.

  • Quality of finish
  • Easy and quick installation and workability
  • Extreme durability
  • ACM panels do not peel, crack, or chip
  • No coil canning
  • Maintenance free
  • Versatility
Advantages of aluminum composite panels (ACM)

ACP Installation Process

Alumshine offers professional ACM panel installation for all buildings and homes in Toronto, along with high-quality aluminum cladding panels. Here is how we install composite panels:

1: Preparation

First, we ensure that you choose the right type of aluminum panel for your building. Then we will determine where you want your panels to be installed.

Before we take measurements, we ensure that your ACM panels have a clean surface and that the windows of your home or building are installed

2: Measurement

Since our composite panels are customized, our team takes a-built measurements by 3-D scanning your exterior walls or manually measuring every length and angle.

3: Fabrication

After we do the necessary measurements, we will start fabricating the ACM panels you ordered to your specifications. This stage includes cutting the panels and attaching any necessary hardware for the installation.

4: Waterproofing and Sealing

After fabricating your aluminum cladding panels, we use a waterproofing membrane or weather barrier on the top of the sheathing to add extra protection. Additionally, in order to keep the water away from your building’s foundation and structure, we install different types of metal flashings.

5: Mounting System

Before we install your aluminum composite panels, we need to install the mounting system.

This stage is crucial since it helps us to ensure that your aluminum panels are installed safely and correctly.

6: Final Installation Stage of Aluminum Composite Panels

Once we install the mounting system, we start installing ACM panels.

We ensure that your panels are plumb and level, have secure and tight fasteners, and seal the seams between the boards.

acm panels installation

Rainscreen Systems

Alumshine offers two types of rain-screen systems:

Wet-Joint Sealed ACM System

Our wt-joint sealed systems are designed to create an exterior layer of protection against external elements with water-resistant cladding.

The water-tight barrier we use depends on the joint seal’s practical application, which requires regular maintenance and inspection.

wet joint sealed acm panels

Dry-Joint ACM System

Our rain-screen systems do not rely on a single face sealing but rather manage water and wind infiltration in a two-layer system.

Most of the water insulation is done in the outer cladding layer. However, we use an interior air barrier (AWB) as a second layer of protection.

dry joint sealed acm panels

ACM Panels Technical Details

Weight 3mm Panels= 0.93, 4mm Panels = 1.12, 6mm Panels = 1.50
Dimensions 196x62x0.02 inches
Types Polyethylene Core ACM Panel (PE)
Fire-Retardant Core Aluminum Composite Panel (FR)
Fire Performance Flame Spread: (ASTM E84 – 3mm = 05 / ASTM E84 – 4mm = 00 / ASTM E84 – 6mm = 00)
Smoke Developed: (ASTM E84 – 3mm = 15 / ASTM E84 – 4mm = 00 / ASTM E84 – 6mm = 10)
ASTM E108 MODIFIED = 4mm and 6mm / Passed
Flame Spread Index: (ASTM E84 – 3mm = 5 and for others 0)
Other Fire Tests: (ASTM E162 / ASTM E108 / ASTM E119 / UL-94 / UL-879 / NFPA-285 Passed)
Production Tolerance Width: 0.08 / Length:0.16 / Thickness: 0.008-0.012 / Bow: 0.5% / Squareness: 0.2
LEED Post-Consumer Recycled Content: 3.1% – 7.4%
Pre-Consumer Recycled Content: 15.9% – 58.4%
Total = 100% Post + 50% Pre: 11.1% – 36.6%