What are Aluminum Composite Panels? – Everything to know

June 22, 2022
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The modern construction industry is growing daily, and there is a higher demand for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly materials. Additionally, current architecture requirements force manufacturers to produce materials that look beautiful, elegant, and sleek. Various metal cladding systems are used for modern buildings, and aluminum composite panels are the most popular ones. Now let’s see what makes ACP the most wanted metal cladding system in the construction industry.

What are Aluminum Composite Panels Used For?

Aluminum composite panels are modern construction materials that are used for various applications and purposes. These metal panels are also called ACM panels. To better understand ACP material, you need to know aluminum and composite individually.

Before getting to composite and aluminum individually, let us explain the basics and the reason for the name of ACM panels and their composition.

Aluminum composite panels or ACM panels are made from multiple layers of materials, including two layers of aluminum panels coated with particular substances and on a thermoplastic central core. The main center can have different charge levels through a coextrusion process.

What is Composite?

Composite materials are products made up of layers of synthetic substances mixed heterogeneously to form a single material with specific properties.

Different industries benefit from the unique characteristics of composite materials.

As modern manufacturers, we make a specific mixture of the products to achieve the properties that fit the requirement for using the composite panels.

The central core of aluminum composite panels is usually composed of polyethylene. Manufacturers add mineral fillers to the center to improve the fire resistance characteristic of ACM panels.


Aluminum is one of our planet’s most found metals and chemical elements. This metal is perfect for the construction industry since it is lightweight, anti-corrosion, and also highly durable.

Despite the lightweight aluminum panels, there are very robust materials making them perfect for producing all types of infrastructures. Aluminum can easily be alloyed with other metals to have better properties depending on the application. Moreover, fabricating aluminum is easier than other metals such as steel.

The combination of aluminum characteristics makes it the best choice for manufacturers to produce solid and functional materials for the construction industry: the aluminum composite panel.

Aluminum Composite Panels or ACM Panels

Now that you understand composite and aluminum individually, you can clearly define aluminum composite materials.

Although ACM panels are rigid materials, manufacturers apply an extra outer layer to increase their durability and anti-corrosion characteristics.

As told, aluminum composite panels can be easily fabricated and installed on the facade of homes and commercial buildings.

Which Metal Claddings Were Commonly Used Before Aluminum Composite Panels?

ACM panels are considered one of the most modern metal cladding systems in the construction industry. However, architects and builders have been using metal panels for building home facades long ago with different metals. One of the most traditional metal cladding systems still used for various construction projects is aluminum siding.

Another metal material that has been in the construction industry is steel. However, the traditional metal cladding panels are not widely used after the development of ACP. Why? Read the advantages of the aluminum composite panel; it will be clear for you.

Advantages of ACM Panels

Although traditional metal cladding can still be practical for various construction projects, the advantages of ACM panels made them the dominant siding material in the industry. Here are some of the primary benefits of Aluminum composite panels.

Installing Aluminum Composite Panels is Easy

Since aluminum composite material is lightweight, installing them on the building’s facade is easier than heavier cladding systems such as steel. Moreover, ACM panels have an extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio.

ACM Panels are Extremely Durable

ACM panels are highly durable and can withstand the harshest weather conditions, such as high wind loads. Aluminum composite materials have a protective layer, making them the most corrosion-resistant material among metal cladding systems.

ACP Materials Do Not Require Regular Maintenance

One of the best advantages of aluminum composite panels is their low maintenance characteristics, saving you considerable money and time.

Aluminum Composite Panels are Versatile

ACP manufacturers produce aluminum composite materials with various colors and finishes allowing architects to create beautiful color harmony on the building facade.

Every Design is Possible with Aluminum Composite Materials

Despite its strength, aluminum composite material is a flexible product, so it can be used around curves and corners. This is why architects prefer ACM panels for projects that require complex shapes and patterns.

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