Average Exterior Sidings Costs in Toronto

January 11, 2023
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January 11, 2023 admin

Siding your house is a big decision as it is a great way to add definition and color to your home. From a functional viewpoint, siding and cladding give you protection. From an architectural viewpoint, there is an interest in using various materials to highlight particular features of a house. 

Everyone wants something that is both beautiful and functional! There are lots of siding types these days that you need to consider carefully. While appearance is always important, you should also want to consider the material’s durability, cost, installation process, ability to resist water, and versatility.

Before you continue, we recommend learning about different types of exterior sidings that you can choose for your home.

Here, you can find useful information about different types of siding, their advantages and disadvantages, and their costs in Toronto.

Aluminum Siding Average Cost

Aluminum siding comes in a variety of patterns and textures. Pre-painted aluminum in a wide choice of baked-on colors is available. You can also paint the siding any color. Aluminum is generally more low-maintenance than most other siding types. Other than wiping with a soft and damp cloth once a year and painting it every ten to twelve years, there is little work to be put into the aluminum siding.

aluminum siding cost in TorontoThere are, however, some drawbacks to aluminum. Replacing a section of panels or even a single panel can be complex as aluminum tends to dent easily. In addition, exposure to the elements can cause aluminum to become dull and chalky. 

Aluminum siding costs between $3 to $7.25 per square foot to install.

Vinyl Exterior Sidings Costs 

Some advantages, such as easy maintenance, versatility, and low cost, have helped vinyl exterior siding to become the most popular choice in Toronto. Various colors and styles of vinyl siding are available that help explain this siding’s popularity. However, some design professionals and homeowners are a bit dissatisfied with the “plastic look” of these products.

In addition, if you are looking for a do-it-yourself product, it just requires a few tools to install, which are generally available at any home. You have to follow instructions from the manufacturer and or online how-to-videos. Furthermore, it is easy to handle, which can help reduce labor costs. Modern vinyl siding is now available in a variety of colors and textures.

vinyl siding costOn the other hand, low weather ability in severe conditions is a vulnerability of vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding typically costs around $3.5 to $8 per square foot installation without additional staining or painting costs. 

Steel Exterior Siding Cost

Steel siding is a popular type for houses or commercial buildings. Steel siding is an attractive choice if you like the look and feel of metal and need a hassle-free material that protects your property in almost any weather.

steel siding and cladding cost Being expensive, possible tricky installation, dents, and other imperfections on the surface are the disadvantages of steel siding.

On average, steel exterior siding costs $4-8 per square foot.

Wood Cladding and Siding Cost

Wood sidings offer a rich look and are durable in proper maintenance, lasting from 10 to 100 years. Wood siding is commonly used for cape cod, bungalows, and cottage exteriors. 

There are so many wood species and grades to consider. In addition, wood siding is generally easy to cut, shape, and install. 

wood exterior siding cost in TorontoHowever, high-quality wood grades cost a lot. Furthermore, wood siding is vulnerable to woodpeckers, rot, and termites.

Wood exterior siding costs about $5 to $10 per square foot installation without additional painting or staining costs.

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACM) Cost

Aluminum composite panels, known as ACP or ACM panels, are trendy siding. Because of the durability, ease of installation, versatility, and quality of the surface finishes, aluminum composite panels are one of the favorite materials for industrial and commercial buildings.aluminum composite panel cladding cost

There are two flat panels made of two thin coil-coated aluminum sheets.

ACP cladding can cost from $15-$35 per square foot.

Stucco Exterior Siding Cost

Stucco is traditionally made from Portland cement, building sand, lime, and water. To provide a good base for the stucco and protect the walls underneath, a galvanized-metal screening and waterproof barrier paper are applied over wood walls before stucco is added. You can apply stucco to homes with brick and stone surfaces to have a classic look which is commonly found on Mediterranean and Spanish-mission exteriors.

stucco siding cost in TorontoIt should be noted that stucco is very rigid, and careful installation helps reduce the possibility of unwanted cracks. If stucco siding is properly maintained and installed, it lasts the lifetime of the house.

Stucco exterior siding cost typically costs between $5 to $9.58 per square foot to install.