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Top Quality Curtain Wall and Window Wall Company in Toronto

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The design, appearance, and functionality of a building are what gives it value.

There are different ways you can achieve your ideal building; using quality and modern curtain wall systems or window walls is one of them.

Alumshine is one of the best curtain wall suppliers and companies in Toronto, providing high-performance construction materials to help building owners create better and more efficient buildings.

We install curtain walls and metal panels to save our client’s buildings from damaging elements such as intense wind loads, rainwater penetration, dust, snow, and more.

Our curtain wall systems are made from lightweight glass and quality aluminum framing. So, with our window wall systems, you can have stunning, modern, and structurally strong buildings in Toronto.

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Best Types of Curtain Walls Suppliers and Installers in Toronto

As a reputable building cladding and curtain wall supplier in Toronto, Alumshine provides all types of window wall systems to help you build what you deserve.

We primarily offer three types of curtain walls, and each one can be beneficial for a particular project since they have unique designs and characteristics—however, the following two types of curtain wall systems are in higher demand in our company.

Unitized Systems

We recommend unitized curtain walls for projects that require a faster process since these systems are already assembled in the factory.

Unitized system components are installed and brought as a single unit from the factory to the construction site.

The size of our unitized curtain claddings depends on your building’s floor-to-floor height.

These modern systems are ideal for high-rise buildings since they do not require external support such as scaffolding or cranes. Additionally, they are perfect for a construction project that needs to be finished as quickly as possible.

unitized curtain wall systems
stick curtain wall cladding

Stick Curtain Walls

Unlike our unitized systems, we assemble the components of our stick curtain walls on the construction site. So, they are primarily used for low-rise buildings.

With our stick curtain walls, builders can make onsite adjustments. However, installing them can be time-consuming. So, unitized curtain walls are our recommended systems if you want your project to be finished quickly.

Other Categories We Supply for Toronto Buildings

We can also provide the following:

  • Spider Curtain Walls
  • Fiberglass Curtains
  • Rubber Curtains
  • Stainless steel curtain walls
  • Glass curtain
spider glass curtain wall

If you think curtain walls are your solution to your next project and what to know more, please give us a call, and we will help you choose the best equivalent to your project’s requirements.

The Advantages of Curtain Wall Systems We Provide

Alumshine is a curtain wall company in Toronto that guarantees the best quality construction systems for modern buildings. Business and commercial buildings deserve to benefit from our curtain claddings.

Keep Air and Water Out

The primary purpose and benefit of installing curtain wall systems are to keep air and water out of your business building. So, our systems are considered buffers and insulators.

Buildings with curtain claddings are much easier to maintain and last long as they feature additional protective shields.

Reduce Building Sway

Although curtain walls are not primarily used for adding structural stability, they can reduce the building’s sway since they are resistant to thermal expansion and contraction. Additionally, our systems help large buildings withstand high wind loads perfectly.

Prevent Fire Spread

Safety is what every building needs. Top-quality curtain walls can prevent fire from spreading since they are a barrier. This characteristic is especially beneficial for high-rise buildings.

Increase Thermal Efficiency

Our curtain systems are treated and glazed correctly to improve the thermal efficiency of commercial buildings. Our systems can stabilize the temperature and decrease energy costs.

Additionally, glazing reduces UV light dramatically to prevent interior items from fading and degrading.

Attractive Business Appearance

With our modern and quality curtain walls, business buildings can benefit from a clean, attractive, sophisticated and unique appearance.

Affordable Price

It is important for Alumshine to provide high-quality products at affordable prices to help all businesses and building owners in Toronto create the beautiful and efficient buildings they desire.

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