Curtain Wall

curtain wall

It is a known fact that the exterior or physical appearance of a building is of worth. By keeping this fact in mind we are providing a guarantee to our clients that we will provide the quality material of curtain wall. The curtain wall installed by Alumshine will for sure save your building from harsh things or other damaging material. These curtain walls will make up of aluminum and glass are light weighted. They are designed in such a way that they will only be able to uplift their weight.

There are three main and basic types of curtain walls and all these types can be found at our company. All of these types are designed for different functions and our team will provide you the detail of them so you can make a selection for your building. One thing that should be kept in mind that the pressure in them is in equal weightage and can block all kinds of negative forces that can harm your building.

We are providing you these curtain walls

  • In affordable price
  • Light-weighted
  • In affordable options
  • With quality material
  • Washable
  • Modern and attractive look

It will be for sure the best option for your building’s exterior.