Easiest Way to Install Aluminum Sidings – 12 Steps

August 22, 2022
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August 22, 2022 admin

Whether you have damaged sidings or want to install a new one, one of the best ways to improve your home appearance and efficiency is to install aluminum sidings. This change or update can be remarkable, and you will surely impress your neighbors with modern aluminum sidings.

Most homeowners think installing aluminum sidings on their building facades is very hard. Although it may require experience and it is better to be done by professionals, Alumshine has decided to help you with this complete guide and show the easiest way to install aluminum sidings.

Install Aluminum Sidings with These 12 Steps

Before getting into the step-by-step guide for installing metal panels, you must have some essential tools to install aluminum sidings. These tools include:

  • Standard carpentry tools (a hammer, a tape measure, safety goggles, chalk line, a sturdy step ladder, utility knife, etc.).
  • Radial-Arm Saw or Circular Saw
  • You Need Snap Lock Punch to Install Aluminum Sidings
  • Aluminum Nails
  • Backer Board or Wall Sheathing
  • Siding Panels

Now that you have the tools and equipment required for installing aluminum siding, you need to follow the steps below and make your building stand out in the neighborhood with beautiful aluminum claddings.

1- Prepare the Area to Install Aluminum Sidings

Once you remove the old siding, you must clean the exterior walls and remove the old paints, putty, and caulking before installing aluminum sidings.

You should hammer flat or remove any stray nail and fill any dents or depressions in the wall with small pieces of scrap metal wedges.

2-Install the Underlayment

The foam board for aluminum sidings is the most common underlayment we recommend. Install each sheet with nails, lay every panel straight, and ensure to leave no gaps between the boards.

3-Add Corner Posts

Add corner posts to install aluminum sidings. You must suspend the bases at each corner with two nails in each upper slot. If you need to use more than one post, ensure an overall of 2.5 cm.

4-Install Aluminum Sidings Footer

Installing the footer refers to the trim piece placed at the bottom section of each exterior wall. This is where you will apply the starter strip to install aluminum sidings.

5-Place the Strip of the F-Channel

In this step, you must place the strip of F-channel trim under the eaves. The top panels of your aluminum siding will be installed to slide under this particular piece.

6-Apply Caulk to Install Aluminum Sidings

It is crucial to apply caulk around openings such as doors and windows to create a perfect seal to install aluminum sidings properly.

7-Prepare the Door and Window Trim

Preparing the window and door trim is referred to as a J-channel. In this step, you must measure each trim piece to be two channel widths longer than the openings. Then cut notches in the edges of each section of your j-channel so they will fit perfectly.

8-Install the Trim

You must install the trim so it can but up against the sides and tops of the doors and surrounds each window frame. Nail it at 30.5 cm increments.

When you want to install the trim at the windows, it is better to start at the bottom, then move to the sides and install the top section last.

Each panel of aluminum sidings has a nail strip at the top. Attach the panel to the wall with a simple nail in each portion of the nail strip.

9-Add the Starter Panel of Your Aluminum Siding

To add the starter panel of your siding, you need to slide the bottom of the aluminum siding into the footer, leaving space for expansion. Then slide the end that meets the corner in the same manner.

10-Contioniou Adding Other Panels

Continue the last step up the wall, interlocking each panel’s bottom with the tops of the previous sheets. Always make sure to complete one wall before going to the next.

11-Trim the Aluminum Siding Panels

To install aluminum sidings, you must trim the panels that need to be installed at windows, doors, and corners.

You can trim the aluminum siding panels by using a circular saw.

12-Install the Top Panels of Your Aluminum Siding System

Install aluminum siding’s top panels by cutting any extra width from the top of the cladding panels. Then lock the bottom at the top of the descending board, and slide it under the trim you installed under the eave in the steps before.

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