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Metal and Glass Railings Company in Toronto

Alumshine is one of Toronto’s best metal railings and glass railings companies. We have been providing the highest quality products in GTA for years.

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We aim to help homeowners and business owners improve their outdoor and interior designs with beautiful, high-quality custom railings. Our products can be used for staircases and balconies that need modern looks while having perfect functionality.

Through years of experience, we gathered an experienced team to produce or install glass railing systems for Toronto homes and buildings. With our quality services and excellent workmanship, we ensure to deliver exceptional results.

Custom Staircase and Balcony Railing Supplier and Contractor

Alumshine has a large network of reliable industry contacts allowing us to supply the best and most modern custom staircase railings at affordable prices.

At Alumshine we focus on customer satisfaction by recommending and providing the most suitable product equivalent to the project. We help our clients choose the best materials, from quality glass panels to metal railings, to ensure they will be happy at the end of the day.

Choosing a reliable metal and glass railing contractor makes all the difference. So, it is always the best choice to go for a company that has the experience, a team of professional managers and builders and offers products at affordable prices.

If you are considering purchasing and installing high-quality balcony and stair railings, call us, and we will do our best to find your needs and help you out.

Staircase and Balcony Railings Materials We Offer

Alumshine is a metal and glass railing company in Toronto that offers products made from various materials. The primary materials that we use to produce highest quality railings are:


Glass railings are the perfect choice for homeowners or business owners who want to create a unique interior or exterior design for their facilities. The smooth and transparent glass panels improve light efficiency and visibility while providing elegance.

If you love to have glass as your railing system but are worried about safety, we should tell you that our safety tempered glass panels are the best choice for you.

Stainless Steel

Our durable stainless-steel railings are perfect for simple and clean designs. Being low-maintenance and affordable materials made our stainless-steel products the primary choice for small businesses. Additionally, they are considered great investments for large companies due to their sleek appearance and superior functionality.


If you want to purchase a railing and install it quickly, lightweight aluminum railings combined with glass can be your solution.

Wrought Iron

The last material we offer for metal railings is wrought iron which is more expensive than our other options since the production process of these products is hugely time and energy-consuming. However, with wrought iron railing, your building’s exterior will uniquely appear and stand out in the neighborhood.

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Types of Railings We Provide

At Alumshine, we offer different types of railings for homes and buildings in Toronto. You can find handrails with different materials and styles in our company.

Professional Railing Systems

If you need railing systems for your businesses or offices, we recommend our professional handrails that are made from a combination of durable metals such as stainless steel and glass.

With our professional systems, you can create something elegant and contemporary for your building.

Personal Handrail Products

If you want exterior or interior railings for your homes, it would be best to opt for our custom handrails designed for residential facilities.

The best thing about our products is that they are customizable. You can tell us your preferences and requirements, and we will deliver the custom glass or metal railings you desire.

Barrier Railings

Our last type of railing is barriers. Our barrier railings are the perfect choice for homes that have pools in their backyard.

Pool railings are massive safety purchases for families with children. Additionally, installing barrier railings around the pool can help create a clean division between the swimming and sunbathing area.

Advantages of Metal and Glass Railing Systems

Investing in our glass railing systems can benefit homeowners from different aspects. However, the best advantages of our metal and glass handrails are:

  • Allowing homeowners to enjoy the view
  • Provide solid protection
  • Add value to the property
  • Interior railings can make the space feel bigger.
  • Easy to maintain
  • Stylish and elegant systems
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Glass and Metal Railings Cost

Now, this is a question that most people ask when they contact us for both glass railings and metal railings.

It would not be true if we said every project would cost around a specific price range since various factors affect the cost of railings for both exteriors and interiors.

Factors that define the price of a glass and metal railing are:

  • Materials
  • Quantity
  • Installation Process
  • The Complexity of the Project

So, if you want to know more about our product’s prices, we recommend you call us and give us information about what you want, and we will deliver a precise estimation to help you decide if you wish our service.

Best Interior and Exterior Handrails in Toronto

Although most handrail materials are well-suited for exteriors, our experience has shown us that there is much more to consider. So, we ensure to provide the best exterior handrails that offer safety, security, and affordable prices.

On the other hand, the type or material you choose for your interior railing primarily depends on your personal preferences. The benefits of our high-quality interior railings include stairway integration and light efficiency.

Balcony & Stair Railings for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Whether residential or commercial building, Alumshine ensures to make clients are satisfied.
Our balcony and stair railings can be used for commercial and residential buildings.


Our custom railing services and products for residential facilities include designing, producing, providing and installing stair glass railings and handrails for home balconies.

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Glass Railing Installation for Buildings in Toronto

Although glass railing installation is fast and seems simple, it is not a good idea to do it with a DIY process, especially if the product is frameless. When homeowners buy their products, many accessories, such as clips, fixings, fittings, brackets, etc., come with their order. So, it is essential to install them in the correct way so that the installation process does not compromise the integrity of the building.

With this said, it is always best to hire glass railing experts to install your products.


We offer glass railings for every commercial building, from hotels to condos and business buildings. Our expert team designs glass and metal railings to ensure business owners get more customers and improve their businesses.

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How Does Our Service work?

At Alumshine, we care for everything to help our customers feel relaxed and enjoy their results. Here is how we work:

Free Consultation

Contact us, and our customer support will arrange an appointment with our managers to help you understand the process and provide you with a precise cost estimation, ideas and recommendations.

Plan and Coordinate

If you decide to work with us after the consultation session, we will start planning your project to deliver the best results within the time and budget.


After sealing a legal contract, we will install your metal, glass, or combination of both railings quickly and adequately.

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