Best Way to Clean ACM Panels

October 14, 2022
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ACM panels are commonly used nowadays for covering the outside or interior design of buildings in the form of walls, partitions, and fake ceilings. But when used on the exterior, there are some worries regarding the lifespan, and you need to clean ACM panels regularly depending on the environment in which they are implemented.

Here are some of the residuals that you can expect to come across when you want to clean ACM panels:

  • Built-up dust from pollution
  • Leaves stuck in the exterior façade design
  • Pollen
  • And even cobwebs if it’s been a while since the last cleaning

Because these residuals are detrimental to the paint, we must clean ACM panels to guarantee the long-term quality of the paint. This should be done manually or with proper cleaning tools from top to bottom. Also, remember to cleanse the painted surface without using corrosive cleaning products that can scratch the surface.

cleaning aluminum composite panels

How to Clean ACM panels?

According to many blogs and publications, the most common way to clean ACM panels is that you should wipe the aluminum composite panels with a wet and soft cloth. You can blend the water you use with a bit of soap or a neutral detergent. But before you start cleaning ACM walls, rinse the walls thoroughly with water from top to bottom.

When you want to clean ACM panels, you must always avoid sharp cleaning instruments, as you may permanently scratch the panel surface.

In general, aluminum composite sheets contain a type of glue that inhibits static electricity in the sheet, preventing dust from being absorbed. If you live in an area with a high level of pollution or pollen, you can easily clean ACM panels with clean water alone or water mixed with a slight amount of detergent.

How to Prepare to Clean ACM Panels

Have you ever had your car washed in the morning only to have it rain in the afternoon? Cleaning your exterior sidings and claddings follows the same logic. So, one of the measures to keep in mind when you want to clean ACM panels is the weather on the following days. Also worth noting is to start small and build from there to minimize harm. As a general guideline, start with a moist towel and gradually escalate measures until a solution is reached.

Consider the Weather

The temperature of both the panel itself and the water you’re rinsing it with is crucial when considering cleaning ACM panels. On average, the optimal water temperature you must use to clean ACM panels is between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Always think of the temperature when you want to clean ACM panels because if the temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius, wiping it with a cold cloth can cause damage or even flake the paint on the surface. Furthermore, if you decide to wash ACM panels while the weather is below zero, the water you’re using can freeze and form a layer of ice on your exterior walls, making the cleaning process more tedious.

How Often Should We Clean ACM Panels?

Many homeowners need to clean ACM panels every six months to a year. This frequency is timely and effective (provided they have kept up the practice of rinsing with water frequently). But It is preferable to deal with anything that sticks or hardens swiftly. Get it done before it becomes a part of your outside decor.

In either scenario, gauging the demand and schedule will reduce the burden of cleaning. However, this isn’t a perfect timetable, and the temperature, location, and use case of your building will determine the ideal frequency for you to clean ACM panels.

Although, if one has neglected to wash ACM panels for more than a year, or depending on your region and whether or not the cover collected a lot of dirt, you may resort to cleaning ACM panels immediately and extensively to avoid additional damage to the panels.

The Safe Use of Detergents

Sometimes residuals are stuck to the walls; using only water cannot clean ACM panels and remove all the stains, and it is here that the use of detergents comes into play. A mixture of water and a mild detergent between the IPA level of 5 and 10 can be the solution for most hard stains. Even if some of them persist after this treatment, an easy wipe with a wet cloth can easily remove them.

But it’s vital to wash ACM panels at most to this degree of detergent, as if you go further, you may overkill and outright remove some of the paint on the surface.

You should avoid spilling and splashing while cleaning and remove any drops as quickly as possible. It would help if you also kept leakage of cleaning solutions into the lower levels of the structure to a minimum, as they can damage other materials in the structure. Also, to avoid scratches on the composite’s surface, always keep sponges or towels clean. Excessive wiping or rubbing should also be avoided to clean ACM panels correctly.

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