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Spider Glass Systems Company in Toronto

Make Your Business Stand Out With Spider Glazing and Glass Walls

Alumshine is a facade engineering, designing and material supplier and company in Toronto providing modern and unique spider glass systems. We are one of the qualified and licensed companies in Canada regarding point fixed glazing, with experience in numerous construction projects featuring glass fins, tension rods, etc.

Alumshine’s spider point fixed, glazing systems, and spider walls, made us one of the leading companies and suppliers of high-tech curtain walls.

Our Spider Glazing Services:

  • Glass Facade
  • Structural Glass
  • Spider Glass Walls
  • Spider Glass
  • Spider Wall
  • Spider Glass Curtain Walls
  • Point Fixed Glazing
  • Spider Point Glass
  • Suspended Glass Walls
  • Tension Cable Accessories
  • Glass Swagging Equipment
  • Pre-Stressed Systems for Glass Curtain Walls
  • Glass Casting Parts
  • Frameless Glass Walls
  • Point Fixing Bolds
  • Glass Routes
  • Articulated Glass Bolts
  • Glass Swivel Bolds
  • Tension Rod Truss
  • Glass Pressure Products
  • Glass Fins

Glass Options We Offer

  • Tempered Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Insulating Glass Units
  • Clear, Low Iron, Low E and Tinted Glass
  • Ceramic Silk-Screened Patterns
  • Digitally Printed Glass
  • and More

If you have specific questions about our spider glass and glazing systems, feel free to contact us anytime you want.

spider glazing company in Toronto
spider glass cladding supplier in Toronto

Advantages of Our Spider Glazing and Glass Curtains

Our spider point glass and glazing offer perfect transparency and unique design solutions. Regarding the substructure of your glass facade, our products can be introduced in multiple ways.

With our spider point glass systems, you can create energy-efficient facades, solar shadings, attractive cladding and roofing for your building.

List of Benefits

  • Offer unhinted interior view
  • Non-interfering fixtures with the minimal design principle
  • Offer maximum transparency and provide maximum light penetration
  • Provide huge energy savings
  • Can be incorporated and inserted into curtain walls
  • Spider glazing is termed the most flexible system among glazing systems
  • Allow doors and windows to be inserted on any glazed surface easily
  • For more safety characteristics, tempered glass spider walls are perfect.
  • Installing spider glazing is easy
  • Simple and fast maintenance
advantages of spider glass walls

Primary Substructure Categories of Our Spider Point Glass

lumshine’s spider point and glass curtain walls are categorized into multiple classes. Each category is practical depending on the substructure of the glass facade.

  1. Spider Glass Walls on Existing Steel Substructure
  2. Glass Wall Systems on New Developed Metal/Steel Substructure
  3. Spider Point Glass on Glass Beams and Fins
  4. Glass Claddings for 2D-Prestressed Suspended Substructure
  5. Spider Glazing Wall on 3D-Prestressed Tension Rod and Pressure Pipes Suspended Substructure
  6. Combination of All Above Substructures
spider glazing curtain walls

Point fixed glazing systems and spider glass walls offer excellent transparency
and unique design solutions. With this glass system, you can have
maximum vision and view and minimize frames around the opening.
This system is very useful for architects and designers to extend opening
area for Large main entrance facades of buildings and shop front facades,
Glass canopies, Skylights, and domes.

This system consists of several accessories with metal arms. The corners fix a sheet of glass with a unique screw at the end of each arm.
The vacuum between these sheets is filled up with isolators to overcome
mechanical pressure and weather conditions.

The rectangular glass sheets have 4 or 6 countersunk drilled holes into which
countersunk stainless steel bolts act as point-fixings. The space between
the glass panes is filled with a weather seal.

The support elements that hold the fitting can be a space frame, glass fin,
tension cables, or circular steel columns to provide the customer’s aesthetic effect. Trust is the main key of every project, and Alumshine loves to provide our clients with the best work ever so they can have unique and extraordinary work for their building.

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