Top 11 Advantages of ACP or ACM Panels

July 19, 2022
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ACM panels are the best bet if you want to build or renovate a home and need a lightweight wall cladding material with an elegant finish. Aluminum composite panels are the trendiest cladding systems in the construction industry. These valuable facade systems are made from two layers of aluminum panels attached to a fire-retardant core. But what is the reason behind the fame of these metal cladding materials? After reading and knowing the advantages of ACP, you will want to buy and use aluminum composite panels for your new or renovation project.

Architects appreciate the advantages of ACP since they can create edgy, modern-looking buildings with aluminum composite material. Besides their beautiful appearance and limitless finishes, ACM panels offer other benefits that make them the industry’s most popular metal cladding material. If you want to learn more about ACP, we recommend reading all about aluminum composite panels.

Now let’s discuss the 11 advantages of ACP.

1- ACP is Weather and Temperature Resistant Material

The first benefit among the advantages of ACP that made it the most wanted cladding material is its durability in extreme temperatures and weather conditions, which means that even the worst climate changes cannot affect the ACM panel’s shape, size or quality.

ACM panels are resistant to corrosion and rust in climates with high humidity levels. Additionally, ACP is not susceptible to sunlight.

2- Flexibility is One of the Advantages of ACP

Although the advantages of ACP are many, flexibility played an essential role in making these materials famous. Aluminum is a malleable material that makes the fabrication process easier for manufacturers.

This advantage of ACM panels makes them easily customizable. Thanks to their flexible characteristic, there is no limit to the building designs on which ACP can be installed. The flexibility of aluminum composite panels decreased the usage of other metal claddings such as steel.

3- ACM Panels are Lightweight Materials

One of the primary advantages of ACP is its lightweight characteristic which adds minimal weight to your building structure and lowers the seismic force on your home.

The lightweight characteristic of aluminum composite panels also makes their transportation and installation easier.

4- One of the Advantages of ACP is Being Economical

Although ACM panels are high-quality building materials, they are cost-effective solutions since you will not need cladding material replacement after you install ACP.

5- ACM Panels are Low Maintenance

As told, one of the advantages of ACP is that it is an anti-corrosion material meaning that it does not get rusted when exposed to humidity. Additionally, ACM panels are coated with various paints and colors, which decreases their need for maintenance.

You can clean aluminum composite panels with a simple water rinsing method.

benefits of ACP material

Modern Building Facade Designed With ACP in Canada

6- Installing Aluminum Composite Panels is Easy

The installation process is one of the most important things you need to consider when choosing or buying cladding material for your new or renovation project. It would be best if you opt for materials that are easy to install.

As told earlier, ACP is lightweight, and installing it on the building facade is more straightforward than other materials such as steel.

7- Cost-Effectiveness is Among the Advantages of ACP

Now, why is ACM a cost-effective solution for building projects? First, since installing aluminum composite panels is easy, you do not need to pay higher prices for labor. Second, the aluminum composite material can decrease your utility bills since it is an energy-efficient material due to its insulating characteristic in both warm and cold seasons.

8- ACM Panels are Highly Functional

The high functionality of aluminum composite panels is among ACP’s best advantages, making them the perfect cladding material. ACM panels can be used for different house areas, including interior walls, exterior cladding systems, decorative metal fences, gates, etc.

9- ACP is Environmentally Friendly Material

Remember that it is crucial to use materials for your building projects that are environmentally friendly. Even if you don’t remember, building codes are pushing builders to use recyclable materials. Fortunately, ACM panels are recyclable.

Manufacturers can recycle ACM panels easily and use them to produce new panels. The best thing is that the new ACP made from recycled material offers all of the advantages that other aluminum composite panels provide.

10- One of the Advantages of ACP is its Color Variety

Although all of the advantages of ACP make it the preferred material among architects, the best benefit of these metal cladding systems that designers appreciate the most is the color and texture variety that ACM offers.

You can find aluminum composite panels in solid colors, wood textures, metal colors, and any other patterns you can imagine. This is why you can create any design you desire with ACP.

11- Using Aluminum Composite Panels Will Increase Your Home Value

There are other materials that can be used for cladding systems, such as Aluminum Siding in Toronto is still one of the most wanted systems. However, we understand that as a homeowner, you would want to use a material that will increase your home value. ACM panels can do that for you. Want to find out how? Read how you can increase your home value with high-quality ACM cladding.

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