What is a Corrugated Metal Panel Roofing? -Everything You Need to Know

July 9, 2022
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Every residential or commercial construction project needs a functional, durable, and efficient roofing system. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive material with a simple installation process, a corrugated panel is one of the best choices for you. We want to ensure that you choose the best material for your new or renovation project, so we provided this article to help you understand everything about corrugated metal panel roofing.

Corrugated metal panel roofing is a prevalent material for every region since it can withstand harsh weather conditions such as snowstorms, heat waves, and hurricanes. Most importantly, it is a fire-resistant construction system.

If you invest in corrugated metal panel roofing or other durable materials such as the popular aluminum composite panel, your home will last longer without requiring complex maintenance. Here at Alumshine Exterior Siding and ACM Toronto, we have sold countless corrugated metal roofing panels, and all of our clients loved it.

Corrugated Metal Panel Roofing Is:

Corrugated metal panel roofing is a sheet metal that manufacturers roll from it into metal boards. Builders attach these metal panels to the roofing system with screws. Since corrugated metal roofing is an exposed fastener panel, each fastener is visible on the surface of the panels.

Most manufacturers produce corrugated metal panel roofing in the shape of rounds and waves. This construction material is low cost, durable, lightweight, energy-efficient, long-lasting, and easy to install. Corrugated panels are the perfect alternative to clay tile and asphalt shingles roofs.

Since corrugated metal panel roofing is highly durable, you can use it for commercial and residential buildings. Additionally, you can use it as your building’s siding. However, when we talk about sidings, the best materials are Aluminum Siding and Vinyl Siding. One of the best things about corrugated panels is that you can use them for different parts of your building, for example, ceiling, fences, and wainscoting.

corrugated panel roofing

How do Manufacturers Produce Corrugated Metal Panels?

As Corrugated metal panel manufacturers in Toronto, we produce this construction material through an industrial process called roll forming.

We pull off the sheet metal of huge round metal coils, pass through rolling dies, and form the sheet metal into a corrugated panel. After the corrugated metal panels pass through all our rollers, we shear them off at a particular panel length.

The first corrugated metal panel roofing was invented in the 1820s by Henry Robinson Palmer. He was working at the London Dock Company, and he mainly created these products to help workers with minimal construction skills install them quickly and easily. Corrugated metal panels became extremely popular as they were prefabricated and inexpensive.

Types of Corrugated Metal Panel Roofing

We didn’t say in the last section that corrugated metal is a generic term that means any metal panel that is strengthened to be used in construction projects by having a series of alternating ridges and grooves forced into it.

So, every metal roofing or wall panel can be a corrugated metal panel. However, most people in the construction industry define corrugated metal panel roofing as a roofing material or siding panel with S-type round and wavy corrugations.

There are three primary types of corrugated metal panels which are:

  • 7/8 Corrugated
  • 1/2 Corrugated
  • Everything Else, Including Ribbed Metal Roofing Panels

7/8 Corrugated Metal Panel Roofing

7/8 corrugated panels are the most popular metal roofing panels. These panels feature deep grooves, which create a shadow-like effect and offer a unique appearance. Additionally, 7/8 panels are the strongest and the cheapest panels with wavy ridges.

It would be best if you remembered that 7/8 corrugated metal panel roofing is unsuitable for flat roofs.

1/2 Corrugated Metal Panel Roofing

If you want a more old-fashioned roofing system, 1/2 corrugated metal panel roofing would be the best for you. These corrugated panels are the original products that have been in the construction industry for years. However, these are not as popular and common as they used to be since 7/8 corrugated metal panels are more substantial and cost less.

Ribbed Roofing and Other Corrugated Metal Panels

Ribbed roofing panels are those without a wavy appearance and most of the mare boxy and square roofing profiles. Two of the most common types of ribbed metal roofing are:

  1. R Panels
  2. PBR Panels
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