Why Should You Replace Old Aluminum Sidings with ACM Panels?

October 5, 2022
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October 5, 2022 admin

Aluminum claddings have been among the construction materials in the building industry for years. These systems are used to protect the building’s structure from various exterior elements such as rainwater, snow, and intense wind loads. There are two primary aluminum claddings in the market that most builders use to create durable facades for their buildings which are: aluminum sidings and aluminum composite panels. However, most homes feature traditional aluminum sidings, which can sometimes cause the owner difficulties. So, in this article, we will help you understand why you should replace old aluminum sidings with ACM panels.

What are Aluminum Sidings?

Aluminum siding is a standard metal cladding system that is one of the most used systems in both commercial and residential facilities. These siding panels are available in various styles and finishes, allowing designers to develop designs that can suit any taste.

Modern aluminum sidings are affordable and durable. However, old sidings generally suffer from disadvantages such as vulnerability to dents and not having sound insulating characteristics. Additionally, you need to know that if aluminum sidings get damaged, they can cause significant problems in the future. So, every homeowner should know that one way or another, it is essential to replace old aluminum sidings with newer and better materials, such as aluminum composite panels.

Although this article mainly focuses on why replacing old aluminum sidings with ACM panels is the best choice, you need to know the advantages and drawbacks of these cladding materials.

modern aluminum sidings

Advantages of Modern Aluminum Sidings

If you already know the advantages of aluminum sidings, skip to the next section. If you don’t know them, here is the list of primary benefits of modern aluminum sidings. (Some of these advantages cannot be found in old sidings).

  • Aluminum sidings are affordable and have a lower cost compared to other materials.
  • It is easy to install aluminum sidings.
  • Modern aluminum sidings are eco-friendly since they are recyclable.
  • Both old and new sidings are versatile in design and style.
  • Cleaning modern aluminum claddings is easier than traditional materials such as wood sidings.

Drawbacks that Force Us to Replace Old Aluminum Sidings with ACM Panels

As told, most of the aluminum sidings in the market are cheap, and anyone can use them for their building project. Although modern aluminum sidings have significant advantages that may seem using them would be the best option, they have their drawbacks which you should know before deciding if they are suitable for your project or not.

Now let’s look at the list of drawbacks that tell us we need to replace old aluminum sidings with modern aluminum claddings.

  • Since old aluminum sidings are not as durable as aluminum composite panels, they need repainting and repair once in a while. In some cases, replacing old aluminum sidings with new materials is more economical.
  • Traditional aluminum sidings are the worst choice if you cannot tolerate noise. When we say noise, we mean rain and wind noise which can be very annoying, especially during spring and fall in humid areas. However, you can insulate aluminum sidings to avoid this issue.
  • One of the drawbacks of aluminum sidings that force some homeowners to replace old aluminum sidings with ACM panels is that there is a possibility of forming gaps between the panels which can cause damage to the structure of the building.
  • Unlike aluminum composite panels, traditional aluminum sidings conceal structural issues.
  • Damaged aluminum panels can decrease your home value. So, if you want to sell your property at a higher value, replacing old aluminum sidings with ACM panels is better.
  • The last and the most important drawback of traditional aluminum sidings is their lack of energy efficiency, which is an essential factor for today’s buildings.

old aluminum sidings

What are Aluminum Composite Panels or ACM Panels?

Aluminum composite panels or ACM panels are modern construction materials primarily used for cladding systems and interior wall systems.

The advantages of aluminum composite panels are so many that they made them the most wanted cladding system in modern and industrial cities.

Advantages of ACM Panels Show that You Need to Replace Old Aluminum Sidings

Here is the list of benefits that ACM panels offer. For more information and a deeper look, check out the top advantages of Aluminum composite panels.

  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Lightweight
  • Energy-efficient
  • Colors and finishes
  • Sound Insulation
  • Recyclability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Beautiful Designs

Replace Old Aluminum Sidings with ACM Panels!! DONT Repair Them

In case your aluminum cladding system has issues, you can replace or repair them. However, as professionals, we ALWAYS recommend our clients replace old aluminum sidings with ACM panels. You may ask why? Here is the answer.

  • Repairing aluminum sidings can take a lot of time if you are not a professional.
  • Even new paint on the siding can get damaged in a short period.
  • Repairing some severe damages will cause you more money than replacing old aluminum sidings with ACM panels.
  • You will make a perfect investment with aluminum composite panels and add value to your building.
  • You will save more energy than you can imagine with ACM panels.